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Special Considerations for Special Needs Children in Texas

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

If you are the parent of a special needs child and your family is going through a divorce, you are probably well aware that the needs of your child will have to be provided for during and after the divorce process. Fortunately, there is a tool that you can use to ensure that the unique needs of your family are reflected in the outcome of your divorce case.

The parenting plan is an important part of any divorce involving minor children. In a parenting plan, parents set forth their decisions regarding conservatorship, possession, access, and other issues that are relevant to their family. The best parenting plans are the ones which are crafted by both parents. You and your soon to be former spouse know better than anyone else what your children need. You are also the experts on what will work for your family, with your housing situations, work schedules, and all of the other things that are a part of family life. If the two of you can, with the assistance of your attorneys, put together a plan that will work for everyone in your family, it is likely to be approved by the court as being in the best interest of the children.

When you work with your attorney to develop a parenting plan, make sure that it includes all of the things that you do as parents to provide for your children’s special needs. For example, if one or more of your children are following a treatment plan, your parenting plan can provide for the regular evaluation of the treatment plan, as well as how decisions about changing the treatment plan will be made.

The possession and access schedule is an important part of any parenting plan, and parenting plans for families of special needs children are no different. Children do well with predictable daily and weekly routines, and children with special needs may be particularly sensitive to changes in those routines. Even though your divorce will most likely result in your children spending time in two different households, your parenting plan can incorporate daily and weekly activities which you recognize as important to your child’s sense of stability and predictability.

If there are specific educational, medical, or therapeutic programs that you have found to be beneficial for your child, include them in your parenting plan. Make sure that the plan addresses how these activities will fit into the possession and access schedule. Also, include information about which parent is responsible for paying for which programs.

These are a few of the considerations which parents of children with special needs can address in their parenting plans. Since each family is different, be sure that any parenting plan that you propose to the court includes information about the things that are most important to your family. Make sure that you can show how your parenting plan provides for the best interest of each of your children, in case the court has any questions regarding that topic.

An experienced East Texas divorce attorney can help you create a parenting plan which will provide for the needs of all of your children, including any who have special needs. Your attorney can work with your soon to be former spouse or their attorney, if they have one, to reach agreement on the parenting plan for your family. In the event that parenting issues must be litigated, an East Texas Divorce Attorney can help you to present your best case to the court. To learn more, call attorney Alex Tyra today, and schedule a free consultation. We can be reached at (903) 753-7499, or you may visit us online to submit a convenient online contact form.

Can You Always Trust Teachers?

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

In our lives we depend on many different people whether we believe it or not. Today, we live to believe that we are individuals, and can depend on ourselves for the majority of our wants and needs. However, that is not generally the case at all. When you look at everything at a grand scale of things we rely on individuals of all walks of life in order to help us, or our family in one way, shape, or form. One of these individuals that we heavily rely on today, and always have has been that of a teacher.

Teachers or Predators?

The majority of our teachers today within the United States are employed by our hard earned tax dollars, but can also be in private school, and higher education settings. However, the majority of our teachers can be seen in public school settings. The purpose that teachers, and educators serve is one of extreme importance, which must be achieved, and met with extreme sensitivity, determination, and nurturing in order to make sure our students, and children not only learn, but achieve. Unfortunately, students are learning much more than they, and their parents, bargained for, especially in this day and age.

The Facts of Sexual Harassment Today Within The Classroom

Sexual harassment is one aspect that is very prevalent in many schools all throughout the country today. When it actually comes down to sexual harassment many different forms can easily occur, which range from teacher’s comments towards students to actually taking it too far past social and physical limits. Besides the fact that your children, and students could be sexually harassed by their educators they can also have relationships with teachers as well. As we’ve seen in the past through national news some teachers are not only having inappropriate sexual relationships with their students, but end up dating them, and eventually could get married, or have children. Texting, and social media has also been an aid to teachers, and other sexual predators within schools, which allow them to connect to a student privately, and have their own private, social relationship with these students.

Make sure you discuss sexual harassment to your children, or young ones and make sure that not only understand it, but also how it can easily have its place within classrooms today, and what to do when they are faced with the issue.

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The Issue of Sex Catching Up With Technology

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Today, we live in a world that is centered on that of technology. If you were to look around where you are either sitting, or standing you would see a multitude of various technology devices that perform a variety of different functions. Cellphones are one particular device that we rely heavily on in this day and age. Cellphones help us to communicate with our friends and family, keep us in sync with our professional schedule, and also gives us the opportunity to connect to people all over the world. However, are cellphones being used negatively and putting our children at risk of sexual abuse?

The Power of Technology

Teenagers today are those individuals who not only completely understand how to use technology to the fullest, but also are the ones who are providing ideas about future forms of technology. Yet, one aspect of being a teenager is that of their social life, and being able to communicate with their friends at all hours of the day, which now can be done thanks to the cellphone. While the cellphone does provide many functions that help us it also provides the potential for sexual abuse.

A Negative Light Shining Brightly, and Illegally

Although we rely heavily on our schools, and school districts to help teach, and somewhat rear our children there are also potential issues within schools that could negatively affect our children now, and later. One of these is that of sexting. What is sexting you might ask? Sexting is the act of sending a text message that is explicit with sexual context, or adult pictures depicting one individual, or another in a sexual act, or their body. Unfortunately today sexting is not only used between one teenager and another, but also between some school officials and your children. We have seen over the years relationships existing between teachers and students whether on the news, or within our state. Yet, we never really consider that our child will be the victim of sexual assault by a faculty member at their school.

However, if a teacher, school official, or anyone for that matter over the age of 18 is sexting your child you have the right to file criminal charges against that individual. In Texas, it is illegal for anything to be sent to a minor under the age of 18 that pertains to any sexual premises, which can be punished in multiple aspects such as jail time, probation, being added to the sex offender list as a pedophile, legal fines, and employment termination.

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