Texas Family Law Attorney Shares Basic Information About Divorce in Texas

If you are considering a divorce in Texas and you are beginning to learn more about how the divorce process in Texas works, you are not alone. Each year, approximately seventy-five thousand Texans end their marriages. Unfortunately, the number of divorces that happen in Texas does not make it any easier for each person to navigate their divorce. Just as each marriage is unique, each divorce is slightly different than the others. Fortunately, there are quite a few common elements that are present in all or almost all Texas divorces. Learning about the essential elements of a Texas divorce is excellent preparation for working through the more specific details of your Texas divorce.

The key thing to know about divorce in Texas, or anywhere, really, is that working with a divorce attorney is time and money well spent because attorneys not only help their clients understand the divorce process, they help them work through it every step of the way. Divorce attorneys help their clients make decisions that will serve their best interest and choices that will keep the divorce moving along, possibly even with less conflict than they might have expected. Research indicates that divorced individuals who worked with attorneys to settle their divorce cases report higher degrees of satisfaction with outcomes of their divorce cases than those who either did not work with attorneys or who pursued resolution of their divorce cases through litigation instead of a settlement.

Divorce cases don’t get resolved overnight in Texas, or anywhere else. The typical Texas divorce takes between six months and one year from the date that one of the parties files for divorce until the date that the divorce becomes final. Another critical thing to know about divorce in Texas is that either you’re married or you’re not; there is no in between, no period of legal separation. You are married until your divorce is final. This is an important thing to be aware of because Texas is a community property state. In community property states, all property and all debt acquired during the marriage belongs equally to both spouses. During your divorce, it is crucial that you make financial and other decisions with that in mind, and with the aid of your attorney. Also, while Texas does recognize “no-fault” divorce, the issue of fault may still come up during your divorce case when it comes to deciding what a fair division of your debts and assets is. It is vital that divorcing Texans understand this so that they are not surprised when the issue gets discussed.

Divorce in Texas is much easier with a knowledgeable ally by your side. Your Texas Family Law Attorney can help you understand your options and pursue the best possible result in your Texas divorce case. If you have questions about your Texas divorce, call (903) 753-7499 today to schedule a consultation with Texas Family Law Attorney Alex Tyra. You can also visit our web page anytime to submit an online contact form.



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