Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Describes the Crime of “Jugging”

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and, unfortunately for shoppers, the stores are not the only ones who are interested in getting a hold of your cash. Thieves are continually coming up with new strategies and tactics for obtaining money from unsuspecting victims. Jugging, the latest trend in theft, has infiltrated major cities in Texas and is likely to make its way into smaller communities soon. Jugging is a crime, so Texans are wise to understand what activities are part of the offense of jugging so that they do not become victims and so that they do not unwittingly participate in a jugging operation.

Jugging begins when someone stations themselves in a car or some other location where they can see people doing transactions at the drive up ATM. They watch the person withdraw cash and then they follow the person to their next stop. After the person exits their car, the person who is jugging usually tries to break into their vehicle. Less frequently, the person who is jugging will confront the person and demand the cash. People who carry bank bags or envelopes are the most obvious targets, but anyone using a drive up ATM or teller or coming out of a bank could be at risk. Concealing your cash both as you go into the bank and before you leave the bank is an excellent way to deter juggers because they cannot see whether you have money with you. You can also protect yourself by not leaving money in your car and by making your stop at the bank your final destination before you go home.

When you are out and about, and you’re doing banking and other errands, your best defense against jugging is awareness of your surroundings. People who take the time to focus on what is going on around them are likely to notice that something does not seem right, or that they feel strange. Some people may even feel as though someone is watching them. Sometimes, juggers will sit in a car, parked with a clear view of the bank door or drive-up. Look for vehicles that are parked and occupied, with no one getting in or out. If you sense that something isn’t right, drive away from that area and take note of whether anyone follows you. If someone appears to be following you, call the police to report the suspicious situation.

Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Alex Tyra – Defending Texans Accused of Crimes

If you get charged with jugging or any other crime in Texas, it is essential that you consult a Texas Criminal Defense Attorney as soon as possible. A seasoned Texas Criminal Defense Attorney can build a solid case on your behalf, and they can pursue the best possible outcome for you under the circumstances. The consequences of being charged with or convicted of a crime can touch many areas of your life, so it is critical to protect your rights during this difficult time. If you’ve been charged with any criminal offense in Texas, call Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Alex Tyra, at (903) 753-7499, or contact us through our website by using our online contact form.


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