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Texas Family Law Attorney Suggests Planning Ahead for Your 2016 Divorce

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

Many people who file for divorce do so in January. The desire to improve one’s life is at its peak at the start of each year, so it is not surprising that there are approximately thirty percent more divorce cases filed in January than there are in any other month. If you plan to file for divorce in January of 2016, be sure to plan and prepare for your divorce in advance. There are some things that you can do to give yourself the best possible chance of obtaining an outcome in your divorce case that will work well for you.

One mistake that some people make is filing for divorce without first considering the legal, personal, and financial implications of ending their marriage. Divorce is a major life decision, and it is essential that you seek professional advice in three key areas so that you can obtain important information about what your life could look and feel like during and after your divorce.

An essential step in preparing for your divorce is consulting with a divorce attorney. Your divorce attorney can explain the process of divorce in your state, as well as what you might reasonably expect to occur during and after your divorce case. Since the rules regarding divorce are different from state to state, an understanding of what rules will apply during your divorce case is critical for being able to think about how your divorce case might play out. For example, when it comes to dividing marital assets, Texas is a community property state, but other states follow different methods of distributing property. If you have children, custody and visitation rules vary from state to state. Your divorce attorney can explain how your family life is likely to be different for you during and after your divorce.

Since there are so many emotions involved in divorce, seeking out a psychologist can help you to feel confident that you are making a clear decision that is in your best interest. It can also help you in determining whether you need additional support around issues like abuse or depression which could affect the way in which you navigate your divorce case. When you select a psychologist, understand that you may not feel comfortable with the first psychologist that you visit, or the second, or even the third. Interacting with a psychologist is an intensely personal experience and it is well worth the time and effort to find someone you can trust who can support you before, during, and after your divorce.

Your financial situation may change drastically during and after your divorce, so be sure to consult a certified financial planner before diving in. Your financial planner can help you understand what effects your divorce is likely to have on your finances. The financial implications of divorce range from matters that affect day to day survival like income and expenses to periodic and long-term considerations like taxes and retirement. Your financial planner can take what you know about your financial situation and help you understand what your options could be both during and after your divorce.

Texas Family Law Attorney Alex Tyra – Texas Divorce Law Expertise You can Trust

The arrival of a new year brings with it a powerful surge of energy that you may want to use to transform your personal life. If you are planning ahead for a 2016 divorce, Texas Family Law Attorney Alex Tyra could help you. Call our office today, at (903) 753-7499.

Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Talks about Lone Star Card Fraud

Friday, December 18th, 2015

For some Texans, the Lone Star Card can make the difference between not having enough to eat and being able to feed themselves and their families. Over four hundred million dollars are distributed to families each month through the Lone Star Card program. Unfortunately, as is the case with food assistance card programs across America, Lone Star Cards are sometimes stolen or obtained fraudulently. Both using a Lone Star Card that belongs to someone else and obtaining Lone Star benefits by providing false or misleading information are crimes. If you have been charged with theft in relation to a Lone Star Card or with obtaining a Lone Star Card fraudulently, it is important that you speak with a Texas criminal defense attorney.

A story out of Lufkin describes one way in which Lone Star Card theft can play out. In September, a woman’s purse was stolen from her vehicle. After the purse was stolen, someone used the woman’s driver’s license and Social Security card, which were in the purse, to change the PIN number for her Lone Star Card, which was also in the purse. The Lone Star Card was then used at two grocery stores in Lufkin, and also at Wal-Mart.

Images of a woman using the stolen card to purchase approximately two hundred dollars’ worth of groceries at Wal-Mart were captured by security cameras in the store. The woman’s appearance is distinctive. She has black skin and curly platinum blonde hair (or she was wearing a platinum blonde wig). She was wearing white wireless headphones around her neck at the time the security camera captured her image. The woman’s unique appearance and the fact that a reward is being offered to aid authorities in locating her may eventually aid law enforcement in apprehending her.

Obtaining Lone Star Card benefits fraudulently is also a crime. It is estimated that a little over four million dollars in Lone Star benefits are obtained through the use of fraud each month. When an allegation of Lone Star Card fraud theft is filed, investigators from the Office of the Inspector General look into it. Investigators have seen people obtain Lone Star Card benefits that they did not qualify for in a variety of ways. Some individuals omit mention of their spouse’s work history and income. Others cross the border from Mexico and use a friend’s or relative’s address to apply for and receive benefits. Then, they purchase food and try to bring it back into Mexico. These individuals often end up being apprehended at the border, because Customs and Border Protection officers ask individuals who have groceries in their vehicles to show them their grocery receipt as well as their documentation. If the groceries were paid for with Lone Star benefits but the person is a resident of Mexico, the person loses their passport and is denied reentry into Mexico.

Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Alex Tyra – Helping Texans Resolve Criminal Matters

If you have been charged with stealing a Lone Star Card, Using a stolen Lone Star Card, or obtaining Lone Star benefits fraudulently, a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can protect your rights and help you work on resolving your criminal matter. Please call Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Alex Tyra today, at (903) 753-7499 or contact us online to find out whether Attorney Alex Tyra can help you.



Texas DWI Defense Attorney Discusses Delays in DWI Cases

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Being a DWI defendant is not easy. Throughout the DWI case process, DWI defendants are likely to feel a variety of emotions including fear, sorrow, anger, and frustration. Regardless of how any given DWI case ends, at the conclusion of a DWI case the defendant has certainty about its outcome. Unfortunately, some DWI defendants in Bexar County may be feeling additional fear, sorrow, and anger because they are waiting much longer than usual to experience the certainty that comes with resolution of their DWI cases.

A scandal involving the private laboratory that used to test the blood samples of Bexar County DWI suspects who refused to take the breath test has resulted in a huge backlog of samples that are currently awaiting testing at a laboratory at the Texas Department of Public Safety in Austin. The scandal involved possible mishandling of blood samples by the staff of the private laboratory, which no longer performs tests for the county.

Because of the delay, prosecutors have gone forward with some DWI cases without blood test evidence. Blood samples for certain DWI cases, such as those involving intoxication assault and intoxication manslaughter, have always been tested by the Bexar County medical examiner’s office, which continues to perform the tests for those types of cases. In cases where blood samples have not yet been tested, prosecutors have been proceeding with eyewitness testimony, field sobriety tests, and breathalyzer test results when available. The result appears to be an increase in DWI convictions, which is concerning for defendants whose samples are on hold. The unavailability of DWI blood test results is also concerning because it could harm DWI defendants whose results would show that they were innocent.

The increased rate of conviction is just one thing about the backlog of DWI cases that is causing frustration among DWI defendants and their attorneys. These defendants are being kept in limbo, unsure of when their case will proceed. Also, the no refusal policy that resulted in the samples being taken from drivers who refused breath testing is controversial. This adds to the sense of injustice that the defendants whose samples are awaiting testing are currently experiencing.

Texas DWI Defense Attorney Alex Tyra – Strong Support for DWI Defendants

When you are facing DWI charges, you are likely to have many concerns. An experienced DWI defense attorney can help you understand the charges against you as well as the DWI case process. Each defendant has unique needs and priorities. Some defendants have prior DWI convictions, while it is the first time for others. Some have families to support, while others have concerns regarding immigration. Whatever your priorities are, it is essential that you get the legal support that a DWI defense attorney can provide. Texas DWI Defense Attorney Alex Tyra has helped all kinds of DWI defendants through the DWI case process towards resolution of their DWI cases. It is possible that he may be able to help you, too. Please call our office today, at (903) 753-7499, or contact us online to learn more.