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Who Gets The Leash In A Divorce, Pet Custody

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Life. It is completely unexpected, yet also predictable at many times. Of course, many people attempt to follow the traditional routine of life by participating in standard expectations such as education, employment, and romance. From there, romantic involvements, courtships, and eventual marriage can easily be inferred. Eventually one can even go so far to see children, and potential grandchildren in the eventual future. However, some people are not able to conceive children and seek giving their “love to a child” in the form of a household pet such as a dog, cat, or even a more exotic animal.

With the wheel of life still spinning it is surly inevitable that it will fall upon hard times of a marriage such as separation, or even divorce. In the instance that a divorce occurs one can assume that the process will be a long and lengthy one, which will separate the former couple’s assets. One thing that could particularly be an upset amongst both parties would be which former spouse gets custody of children, or even pets?

Pets are a huge deal with some within a divorce, especially if children are not present in the couple’s past. Pets are able to take the void of where children once were in an individual’s life, and give them content, and happiness.

Generally, the rule of pet custody lies with the pet itself stating that the pet will go to the individual it is bonded to more, or can count on a furtherment of their well-being. However, those individuals that feel like they truly deserve the custody of their pet are able to fight back within their alimony, or custodial settlements.

If an individual is truly seeking guardianship of their pet there are a few steps you can take in an attempt to get what you deserve. Many people attempt to provide documentation of them taking on the financial aspect of the pet, as well as providing food, and other miscellaneous aspects of keeping a pet. However, if the previous does not work an individual is encouraged to attempt to trade an aspect of their settlement over to the ex-spouse in order to gain guardianship.

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Options You Can Rely On When A Minor Gains A Possession Ticket

Monday, October 24th, 2011

In today’s day and age, the social standards of what a child, or teenager can do in comparison to that of in the 1950s or 1960s is dramatically different. In past years, teenagers might go to a “sock-hop”, and then grab a shake down at the local soda shop with the other person they have been courting around town. Today, teenagers enjoy living it up on the party scene from dances, themed parties, or just random weekend get-togethers. However, one variable that can be seen common throughout each of these scenarios today is alcohol.

Parents and teenagers alike have both become much more moderate when dealing with alcohol in the hands of a minor.  Many teenagers participate in drinking on the scene wherever the party may be. Yet, one issue that both age groups have not come to terms yet with is the phrase, “ minor in possession”. The phrase can be seen on the ticket that a teenager, or minor can easily be given not only if seen consuming, but even with the substance near or within their vicinity and just the simple smell on an individual. With a charge like minor in possession, if not handled properly, can follow an individual to higher educational institutes, such as college, or graduate school, to even future employment.

A minor who is given a ticket for alcohol possession has just a few real options. If a teenager, or minor, does not have any further instances they make seek expungement after they reach the age of 21. However, that option becomes slight more difficult for those individuals who have another instance with alcohol while being underage. If you are charged again with the violation of minor in possession, it is crucial that upon the time that you receive the charge that you immediately challenge the ticket within the court of law so that your previous charge can be expunged from your permanent record. If not, both charges will be unable to be removed and will indefinitely rest on the record of the charged individual.

In the end, everyone is human, and kids will be kids, so drinking in this period of time seems to everyday become closer to the younger generations. However, if you are charged with a minor in possession, or a DWI charge, you need an experienced lawyer that you can count on.

At the very least, experienced counsel will give you the benefit of advising you on the best steps to take to minimize the severity of the penalties imposed on you.      Contact The Law Office of Alex Tyra, P.C. For a Free Consultation When you need assistance from an experienced attorney or if you need to better understand you legal options, contact The Law Office of Alex Tyra, P.C., at (903) 753-7499.  All initial consultations are free.  Phone calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.